Foot up with Perth MM and Fair Maids

Marlee Morris have been invited by the Fair Maids of Perth to join them in a dance out at Cottesloe.

From their Squire –

The Maids would like to invite Perth Morris Men and Marlee Morris to join them in another Jolly Frolic By The Sea, and lunch at the Albion on Saturday morning, 4th September.
We could follow the same format as last time, i.e. meet at 10.15am for a 10.30 start, dancing between the Blue Duck Cafe and Barchetta, in a large vacant concreted area overlooking the beach.  Last time, we danced one dance in turn until we felt like a break, the the same again until about 12 noon, when most of us went for lunch at the Albion Hotel in Cottesloe.

Compliments of the Season and Happy 2021

Marlee Morris would like to wish you all the best for 2021.

It has been an interesting year for Marlee Morris.  Covid 19 resulted in the cancellation of the National Folk Festival and Fairbridge Festival – both of which we were booked to perform at.   We also had to cease practice but fortunately only for three months.

The good news is that despite all that we still danced out some eight times during the year. Continue reading “Compliments of the Season and Happy 2021”

Marlee News – Folk in the Forest and more

Since the resumption of practices back in mid June we have been reasonably busy both with practices and a few events.  We have danced at the following:

  • Tom’s Birthday Celebrations – Tom celebrated a significant Birthday recently and he is presently Foreman of three out of the four Perth Morris sides and has been involved with Morris in Perth for approximately forty years.  So it was only appropriate that all Morris sides turned out to dance for and with Tom.  For us dancing there see – Black Joke Bledington
  • Core Cider – Fire Fable Feast.  For the second year in a row they invited us to help celebrate the “Fire, Fable and Feast” Winter Festival.  It was a well organised and fun night.  For us dancing there see – Dilwyn
  • Carmel Cider – Winter Wassailing Festival.  Another Cidery invited us to dance for them.  It was a fun evening – for some photos see – Photos

We are performing at the South Fremantle Festival of Lights in South Terrace, South Fremantle from 5 to 7 PM on Sunday 8th of November.

We have been invited to perform at the annual “Folk in the Forest” event at Dwellingup in November. Folk in the Forrest is a fund raiser for “Little Folk” a children’s cancer charity.  In their blurb they said “We look forward to having Marlee Morris make their debut this year.  Exciting, vibrant, consummate dancers all – they’ll take your breath away.  We may get a brief glimpse of them on Friday night just before the ceili. See them on the deck on Saturday after lunch.”  For more details – see Folk in the Forest Performance

Folk in the Forrest